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Thermal Printer

POS Thermal Receipt Printer Cleaning Supplies & Cards

Improve receipt print quality

Thermal printer cleaning cards are a standard part of the maintenance process for all Point-of-Sale thermal printers. Regular cleaning with thermal printer cleaning cards will help maintain the clarity and readability of receipts and extend the printer's life.

  • Cleans the print head of contaminates

  • Cleans platen roller

Use as a scheduled maintenance product to maintain clarity of your receipts, or as a emergency maintenance product to improve poor print quality.

2.5" x 6" Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards CR80 Card Reader Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards Ithaca 8000 & 8040 Cleaning Cards
SKU # 100-03322
SKU # 200-00143
SKU # 200-01707
Our price: $14.95
Our price: $29.25
Our price: $24.95
MICR/Check Reader Cleaning Cards Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards SNAP Swabs 4.5" IPA Filled Reservoir Handle
SKU # 200-00145
SKU # 200-00147
SKU # 200-00150
Our price: $16.43
Our price: $38.33
Our price: $12.50
Transact Thermal Printer Care Kit
SKU # 200-00141
Our price: $8.50
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