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Credit Card Terminal Cleaning Supplies & Cards

CR-80 Card Reader, 2-1/4" Wide Thermal Printers

Credit Card (CR80) Reader cleaning cards designed to maintain all swipe and dip style credit card readers.

  • Clean the top of the magnetic heads and card pathways

  • Clean the leading and trailing edges of the magnetic heads

2-1/4" x 6" Thermal Credit Card Printers cleaning cards are designed to remove built up paper flash and contaminates from the thermal print head. Regular cleaning with thermal printer cleaning cards will help maintain the clarity and readability credit card receipts and extend the printer's life.

  • Clean the print head of contaminates

  • Clean platen roller

Use as a scheduled maintenance, or as a emergency maintenance product.

2.5" x 6" Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards CR80 Card Reader Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards
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